"Kihocise"by Keiko Asai for the 21st Century!

The Menu of "Kihocise"
Kiho-kenbicise 気法健美操 (For Ladies only) ・・・
   This promotes "qi" and blood flow within the body. For ladies wishing to be always young, helthy, and beautiful, it's an ideal exercise !
Kiho-lentancise 気法練丹操 (For men and women of all ages)・・・
   This strengthens the points on your body to make your system always ready to take in good "qi", thus contributing to lifetime health and longevity.
Kiho-kenjucise 気法健寿操 (Especially for elderly people)・・・
   This is a healthcare method for longevity. The longer you practice it, the more effectively it comes to work on your body.
Kiho-yonocise 気法養脳操 (For students and elderly people)・・・
   This activates brains and therefore helps students' school grades and improves problem-solving skills. At the same time, it helps prevent aging and senile.
Kiho-kaiyucise 気法快癒操 (For anyone with physical disorders)・・・
   This gently cures your physical disorders.

Who should take which exercise?
For those who wish to live long in good health, 練丹操, 健美操, and 養脳操 are recommended.
Not only ladies but anyone who wishes to be always young and beautiful should practice 健美操.
Many students are suffering from physical and mental stresses in their entrance exam races at all levels. They can refresh and activate their brains and regain physical fitness by practicing 練丹操 and 養脳操.
Motor function troubles or lack of exercise will cause bad circulation of "qi", which will result in physical pains. Get rid of such physical pains by doing 快癒操.